Train-the-Trainer: Turnkey Modules for Your Business


Do you want to increase your repeat business?

Learn how Juanita does it with her highly-popular and profitable training programs. You will learn the proven strategies that Juanita has used to build her corporate etiquette training program into a thriving business.

You get more than the story about how, you’ll get her scripts, presentation slides, classroom exercises and the notes in a turnkey kit you can use the day after you complete the training.



Ready to rev up your business?

These train-the-trainer turnkey modules are now available to image and etiquette consultants who want to increase their revenues and want a lucrative product to beef-up their existing services. If you are interested in adding more seminar topics to what you currently offer, register for a train-the-trainer session.



Want to earn more money?

There is a choice of six dynamic turnkey training modules with one-on-one coaching, on your schedule and from your home or office. You won’t have to leave your family, be away from your office for a week or pay travel expenses. All sessions are done on the telephone and the internet – plus, you can start anytime.


Six Power Training Modules


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