Does Your Company Want to Promote From Within… But Your Top Candidates Lack the People Skills to Step into Leadership Roles?

Discover how business etiquette training and image consulting can groom employees who are ready for the next level.

"We specialize in turning your company's diamonds in the rough into tomorrow's business leaders."

Are you a Director of Training & Development, an HR Executive or a Manager of Staff Development? You know the challenges that come up when you want to promote from within. You find someone who looks promotable on paper but lacks the strong presence of a leader. You look around and see potential but you have “diamonds in the rough” - employees who show potential but need coaching on their interpersonal skills. As much as you’d like to bring them to leadership positions you know you can’t because it will affect your reputation or risk your bottom line.

Do you throw those people away? Absolutely not! Investing in the high potential individuals in your company is a strategy used by successful companies. Yet, it is a path that is frequently overlooked. 

Leadership Development

  • Do you have high potential individuals who were promoted on technical skills but lack the interpersonal skills to work with subordinates and managers?

  • Do you have front-line supervisors who expect to move into higher levels of management but they lack the leadership skills to confidently step into that role?

  • Do you have junior level employees who are ready for career advancement but lack what it takes to succeed in today’s marketplace?

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Corporate Etiquette Seminars

You can’t afford to overlook these key players in your company’s success, and you can’t afford to have someone represent your company who doesn’t project Confidence, Credibility and Integrity.

Through our specialized business etiquette and leadership presence training we’ll hone the interpersonal skills that will represent your company beyond the walls of your offices, motivate and retain your best employees, and raise the bottom line.

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Professional Presence Coaching

Whether you have valuable employees with executive potential, or a current member of management whose professional presence or communication skills could use refinement, Professional Image Management’s personalized professional presence coaching provides your company with the winning advantage.

Tailored to your company’s precise needs, professional presence coaching helps your corporate best demonstrate and communicate leadership with poise and professionalism.

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Successful companies groom their employees for internal growth opportunities.

  • It’s about confident individuals who can represent your company and be ready to fully stand up to play a leadership role.

  • It’s about employees making connections that foster profitable relationships.

  • It’s about employees conveying a strong professional presence while being approachable.

Without a strong professional presence, your employees can not be effective negotiators or managers that confidently represent your company to higher levels of profit and productivity.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to developing strong leaders in your company?

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Planning a Leadership Development Program, a Team-Building Retreat or a Training Day?

  • Dr. Brooke Ludwig

    “Juanita is not a stuffy etiquette consultant that is going to focus on all the things people are doing wrong; her easy manner empowers participants to make changes in their behavior.  She makes people feel comfortable with an uncomfortable topic. People leave the session thinking, I can do this”

    ~Dr. Brooke Ludwig
    Training & Development Consultant for a defense contractor

  • Andrea Lanese

    “Juanita has the ability to engage with the audience by connecting with them. She spends a lot of time upfront customizing the training; she takes “generic” content and makes it resonate with the participants so they can make it their own.”

    ~Andrea Lanese
    Director Organizational Development, Barnes Group Inc.

  • Beth Valenta

    “I was fortunate to work with Juanita Ecker for over a year on a Business Image and Etiquette workshop for Cox Communications. Juanita was very flexible in redesigning the workshop to meet Cox’s specific needs and was professional in her delivery of the on-site programs. She has a wealth of internal experience and background to pull from. Based on her content and instruction, many of our employees are now better positioned to present a good business image.”

    ~Beth Valenta
    Manager Talent Management, Cox Communications

  • Theresa Slater

    “Juanita has presented a workshop to a large group of our Interpreters on the topic of professional etiquette. We also utilized her services to provide private coaching to one of our receptionists regarding telephone etiquette. In both situations Juanita proved to be a wonderful resource for my business. She is truly a unique outside consultant that any business could take advantage of. Juanita has proven you cannot put a price on the impression your employees make. I highly recommend her services to others.”

    ~Theresa Slater
    President, Empire Interpreting Service

  • Christie Chapman

    “Juanita adds tremendous value to our leadership programs. Our employees show a lot of enthusiasm and motivation during her sessions. Juanita is passionate about her work and consistently provides high quality service. I would highly recommend her sessions on business etiquette and relationship building skills.”

    ~Christie Chapman
    Manager, Organization and Leadership Development, Barnes Group Inc.

  • Mazie McMahon

    “Juanita is an excellent trainer. Her programs are fun and interactive. Our staff always come away from Juanita's programs motivated, much more knowledgeable, and ready to set new goals. I highly recommend her.”

    ~Mazie McMahon
    Marketing Director, Bonadio Group

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